How might we design an “out of the box” lunchbox for a 4th grader?

Beginning the year with Design Thinking mindsets and curiosity, Jeff Waring and I lead the 4th grade through a challenge based right within the classroom.  Students brainstormed who might need to carry food and how.  They thought back to the earliest forms of carrying food until present day.  Their journey took them on a virtual tour of the lunchbox museum, as well as showing them lunchboxes from around the globe.

Fourth graders had the opportunity to practice their interview skills in this challenge. During the interview phase, students interviewed a parent, or someone that packs lunches for them at home to find out user needs. Additionally they interviewed their partner through many iterations of their design.  In the end, students created lunchboxes that met the needs of their user, and expanded the box of a traditional lunchbox.