Kindergarten has been doing a study of the author/illustrator Jan Brett. They read several versions of the story The Gingerbread Man; including The Gingerbread Baby.  After reading the story, Teacher Nicole and Teacher Sam “baked” gingerbread babies with the kindergartners.   T. Nicole set a timer and the students went back the the classroom. When the timer went off, the whole class walked down to take the cookies out of the oven.  When they got to the oven, it was empty! Instead a note was left by the gingerbread babies.

The class discussed the word “empathy” and talked about how the gingerbread babies must feel. They also made a list of what the gingerbread babies need.  They used this list to brainstorm  ways they could get the gingerbread babies to return.  Suggestions ranged from build a net/trap to using the Sphero robot to find them.

Students paired up to prototype their solutions.  They were so engaged, they kept asking for more time to work! When all of the prototypes were completed, T. Nicole and T. Sam collected them and placed them around the school overnight.  Traps were left in: the principal’s office, the nurse’s office, the library, the art room, etc.

The next day the kindergartners went around to see if their prototypes successfully caught their gingerbread babies.  The students could be heard declaring,” my trap caught one!” and “mine too!”

*This lesson came from the following resources:  Kim Saxe – Nueva School, MVPS, & Margaret Powers.